Puppy Purchase/Stud  Service   

Purchasing a Makaveli Pits produced American Bully or American Pit Bull Terrier.

Our pups are priced anywhere from $1500-$8000 a puppy. The price is based off the breeding at hand. Prices for shipping an American Bully or Pit Bull puppy can range $400-$500 depending on the weight.

Price of shipping and adult American Bully can range $500-$650

Out of the USA shipping varies depending on the country it’ll be going to.

Stud Service.

Shipping of stud semen usually cost around $450 collected and shipped to your veterinarian.


Factors that may determine price

1)If it’s an outside stud where a high stud fee has been paid.

2) Collecting semen

 3)Shipping of semen

 4)Surgical AI for the breeding bitch

 5)C-Section of the bitch

 All these factors can determine the price ask for an American Bully pup.

If it’s an in house breeding meaning I own sire and dame prices of pups may be cheaper.

Keep in mind owning a top of the line American Bully pup from a respected American Bully breeder with over 20 years of experience isn’t cheap.

Sure you can find a puppy cheaper then a Makaveli breed bully, but we’ve been here for many of years and we assure our productions.

Many people that have purchased a Makaveli bully returned years later when their bully has passed or may need a companion.

Please be aware of pop up kennel scammers. Make sure to do your research on the bully breeders before sending your hard earn money. Makavelipits.com is one of the oldest American bully  & American Pit bull Terriers websites to date.

To make your purchase from Makaveli Pits easier and go much smoother we ask that you do your research on us as well.

We’ve been judging American Bullies and other bully breeds for multiple well known Bully Kennel Clubs. We traveled across the country judging in places like Ohio , California, Texas, Florida, New York, Atlanta, Virginia, Delaware, Colorado,  Hawaii and many others states.

We want our buyers to feel safe when sending us your hard earn money we’ve built a perfect reputation on quick puppy ship out turn around.

After receiving full payment of the American Bully puppy we try to ship the pup out to our buyers no more then 2-3 days later depending on weather.

Make sure before contacting us look threw our web site have the name of sire and dame of the puppy you may be interested in.

We ask that before contacting us you discuss this with your loved ones.

Our American Bullies and Pit Bulls are registered with Abkc, Ibkc, Ukc and Usbr.

We prefer not to attach puppy papers to the crate when shipping due to them getting lost in the past. We send them out the mail assuring they arrive to buyers.

If lost replacement papers can take 6-8 weeks. We’re not color breeders but we usually have blue nose, red nose, tri colored, blacks American Bully puppies for sale.

Payment Methods That We Accept

We except payment threw Pay Pal if the 3% fee Pay Pal charges are added on.

Keep in mind a paypal.com payment takes 3-5 days to clear so puppy cannot be shipped out until payment cleans into our account.

We also take postal money orders

Money Gram

Western Union


If it’s a large transaction we can accept a wire transfer from bank to bank. All you would need is my checking and routing # of my bank. 

I hope this will makes your purchase of an American bully puppy from Makavelipits.com much easier. 

Makaveli pits Puppy contract

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