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Jan 26, 2014 As everyone knows, a healthy dog is a happy dog. Here at Makaveli Pits we strive to keep our dogs healthy year-round. Below are a list of topics that may be of interest to you.

Dealing With Fleas

                                                                                                            COCCIDIOSIS IN DOGS

Digging Bully

Curbing Dog Aggression

Low Lactating Bitches

American Bully Eye Problems

How To Microchip Your American Bully

Dealing With Bloat In Your Bulldogs

Bad Breath 101

Puppy Chewing Problems

Dealing With Broken Bones In Bulldogs

House Training Your Bully Puppy

Bully Puppies With Mange

The Two Kinds Mange

Best Foods For Your American Bully

Cropping Your Bully’s Ears

Feeding Your Bully Raw

Pitbull / Bully In Heat

Best Age For Breeding

Help With Your First Litter

Leash Training Your Puppy

How To Bathe Your Bully Pup

The Best Treats For Your Bulldogs

The Strongest Bulldog Toys

Artificial Insemination Information For Bulldog Lovers

The Best Vitamins For Pitbull And Bully Dogs

Clipping Your Dog’s Toenails

Socializing Your Puppy

Training Your Dogs For Shows

Registering Your American Bullies

Dealing With Parvo

Distemper Information And Suggestions

What Causes Rickets?

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