Makaveli’s Asherah

Tri-colored American bully

sire: LeatherNeck Bullies Yoda x Dame: Makaveli’s Nandy

Asherah is a a heavy bone extreme American bully pup. Check page often watch her mature.

Asherah Photos
Asherah Pedigree
Asherah Offspring
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Edge Of Gotti’s Sweetie

Bullseye's exoticSire: Edge Of Gottiline’s Masta/ Dam: Jada Of OC

Sweetie is a true pocket bitch she stands at 13 inches tall ,very compact and has a big block head. The temperament is the best which is why her name is Sweetie. Her conformation is good for a dogs so short and compact. She produces pockets bullies that are in high demand. Keep and eye open or email me to ask about her upcoming litters.







Makaveli’s The Illusion

Makaveli's Illusion-SmallSire: ‘PR’ McBulls/Edge WD Wizzard Of Oz / Dam: Makaveli’s Serena
Illusion is one of the best bitch’s in the country hands down. This girl has powerful effect less movement with great temperament. There isn’t many females that has her looks massive neck, head, wide chest spread and is muscular then most males. She has an upcoming breeding with Gr Ch Gottline’s Dax 1/26/2014







Makaveli’s Hatshepsut                                                  

Daxline Bully female



Sire: Daxline’s Dax / Dam: Makaveli’s Illusion

Hatshepsut is an amazing micro bully a Daxline Dax daughter with that sought after chocolate color. Keep a eye on this bully girl as she matures.





Makavelis Staten

Makaveli's Staten-SmallSire: Makavelis Incredible Hulk Of Fatfafabullies / Dam: Dominion/Makaveli’s Blue Rhino

Staten is a tightly Makaveli breed bitch. Like all of my dogs Staten has goon temperament and the willingness to please. She’s the result of a mom to son breeding which locked in heavy, bone , head and massive girth. She’s produced one of the newest upcoming Makaveli females. Staten looks better the most males.




Makavelis Nefertari                                              


sire: Muscletone Bully’s Magoo / Dam: Makaveli’s Lil Black Bear-Sweet P

Nefertari is a special bitch carrying heavy bone head and girth. This girl temperament is great runs the yard with all of my dogs with out problems. She comes off Ch Magoo and is a Gr Ch Dax granddaughter with a mix of Kingdom and Kurupt blood. Her mom ad grandmother was produced here at Makaveli Pits





Makaveli’s Blue Burger

American Bully exotic bully

Blue Burger and an amazing young pocket bitch with lots of head and bone the girth is unreal. As you can see all of Makaveli American Bullies share a consistent look.







Makaveli’s Meketaten

Champagne American BullySire: Makaveli’s Hercules / Dam: Makaveli’s Sarati
Meketaten is a young upcoming bitch with amazing bone and head for her age. She’s champagne in color which is in huh demand. She closely resemble her grandsire Ch Hennessy

Meketaten’s Photos










Makaveli’s Neferu                                                  

redness American Bully

Sire: Muscletone’s Bozo/ Dam: Makaveli’s Hatshepsut
Neferuis an amazing American bully female with great size, bone head and girth. She’s a heavy Gr Ch Darlene Dax bully Dax.







Makaveli’s Kandace 

blue bully female









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