UNITED BULLY BREEDS/Weight Pull EXPO May 28th 2016 Purchase Below..

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717 E. 17th Ave Columbus, Ohio

starts @ 9am

Ohio, Mid West, East Coast and beyond we would like your help getting the word out about our May 27th Columbus Ohio triple Abkc confirmation and weight pull show. 

Please share the link to the events page, posted below.
Also we have a online preregistration form you can preregister your dogs now, which is also posted below.
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If you haven’t purchased your booth, email or pm me now.
Thank all of you in advance
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We’ll be offering 3 Abkc Sanctioned shows followed by a Exotic Bully fun show.

This is a show you don’t want to miss, if you have any questions feel free to call J @ (614)301-8943

All breeds attending 

American Bully, American Pit Bull, Olde English Bullogge, English Bulldog, American Bulldog, Shorty Bull, and French Bulldog .

Make sure to look at booth layout below and purchase your booth as soon as possible before they’re all sold. 10 x 10 booths are $150. Scroll down

American bully show ubbe22





















Purchase your booths today before they’re sold out! 10′ x 10′ 10 booths $150 Contact me makavelipits@gmail.com

Booth layout below

American bully show floor plans

American bully show floor plans



Pet friendly Hotels with in 10 miles of the show.

La Quinta Inn

2447 Brice Rd
Reynoldsburg, OH
(614) 866-6456


Red Roof Inn
2449 Brice Rd
Reynoldsburg, Ohio 43068



Baymont In & Suites
2323 Port Rd
Columbus, Ohio 43217



Quality Inn & Suites
4850 Frusta Dr
Obetz, Ohio 43207


One of the oldest and biggest Midwest Bullyshows is coming May28th 2015 in Ohio!
Its a show hosted in the Midwest, but we have people from Boston down to Texas making that drive to chill.
Things to expect day of show

Make sure to register before 10am.

Please this is important that you listen out for the class your dog will be showing in. Judge will call class 3 times if your dog isn’t in the ring you miss your class and there’s no refund!

Be sure to clean up after self and dog.

Leave any illegal substance and firearms at home this is a friendly family event.

No outside food allowed!
3 Abkc shows.
Cindy Mcclosky
Lou Manipon

John Certaza
Rep.. Rai Mcdermott



Makaveli Pits has hosted over 9 American Bully shows and bully events over the years. We’re also including other breeds like French Bulldog, Shorty Bulls, American Bulldogs, Olde English Bulldogs and American Pit Bull Terriers. We’ll be hosting many more bully shows here in the Mid West. Our gaol is to host 3-4 Bully shows a year. Please keep checking our page for upcoming bully breed events. 

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