Coccidia in American Bullies

Coccidia in American Bullies

Parasites are common in dogs, but puppy vaccines and regular worming medications can keep parasites at bay. Parasites during the first few months in the life of a dog can seriously affect their growth and development.
Coccidiosis is a parasitic infection that causes a dog a mucus filled watery diarrhea. It can become bloody and explosive. This can really wreck havoc to the intestinal lining and prevent the dog from absorbing the proper nutrition needed for growth. If left untreated your dog can be over come by dehydration and die. Treated the prognosis is pretty good.
The parasitic infection is spread by infected water, or through contact with infected feces. A healthy dog with good immunity can be exposed, yet not contract the infection, this is why puppies are the most vulnerable. If your adult dog develops diarrhea for no obvious reason giving him a good worming that encompasses a variety of parasites would be your first step. If the condition persists please seek out medical attention.


A fecal test is quick and the parasite is easily seen under the microscope.
Please seek out veterinary help if your dog should ever stop eating or drinking or begins vomiting as that can be symptoms of a devastating condition.

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