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This breeding isn’t for everyone quality is priceless!

Depending on how many pups she has, starting asking price is $7500 a pup.

email me if seriously interested makavelipits@gmail.com 




Here you’ll find some of the world nicest American Bully breedings which will produced high quality American Bullies. I’ve been an American Bully Breeder for 20 years produced extreme bullies, pocket bullies, micro bullies and some would consider exotic bullies. No matter the size all of our bullies is consistent in look and quality. We’ve sold American Bullies across the globe, so no matter where you are in the world we can ship you a high quality American bully. Please contact us today to purchase your american bully puppy and we assure your pup or adult bully will arrive in great health.

When you purchase a American bully, Pit bull pup or do a studding with us, be assured that you are getting the very best. We also feature some of the finest American Pitbull Terrier bloodlines available. Puppies are available in a variety colors including blue nose pit bull, red nose pit bulls and brindles.We are associated with Razors Edge bloodlines,Daxline bloodline and Gottiline bully bloodlines (aka Gottyline), Greyline, ABKC(American Bully Kennel Club), IBKC (Inetrnational Bully Kennel Club), Bbcr American Bully ( Bully Breed Coalition Registry), Daxline bullies Ohio, Razors Edge bullies , Remyline pit bulls. We will also offer exotic bully styles for sale in the near future.

Looking For An American Bullies?

Makaveli Pits American Bully kennels, American Bully breeder who offers American Bully puppies for sale and Bully style Pitbull puppies for sale. Please check back regularly to see our current pups for sale and upcoming breedings. Interested in Stud Service? Makaveli Pits has a large variety of American Bullies and Bully Style Pitbull studs to choose from. Contact us to discuss a breeding. We’re an American Bully breeder in Ohio with American Bully puppies for sale, we regularly ship out our dogs to American Bullies Ohio American Bullies , MichiganAmerican Bullies, Kentucky American bullies, Alabama American bullies, Pennsylvania American bullies, American Bullies California, American Bullies New York and American Bully breeders West Virginia. We can make special arrangements for you if you live outside of the USA like China, Russia, India, Africa, France, Australia we still offer the best American Bully puppies for sale.

If you are interested in purchasing an American Bully from one of the best American Bully kennels in the world who also offers Exotic Bully or Bully style Pit bull puppy from an well respected, experienced American bully kennel , American bully kennels and American Bully breeder, feel free to call or email us at any time. We would be happy to assist you. We see many blue nose pit bull breeders who claim to have bully pit bull puppies, daxline bullies, Remy line pit bulls, Razors edge bully pit bulls for sale, but lack the knowledge it takes to produce a real American Bully. Again be sure that who you’re purchasing your puppy from is true bully kennels

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