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American bully standardWelcome to Makaveli Pits. We breed the finest American Bully of all varieties, such as the Pocket Bully, Standard Bully and Xl Bully. Customers ofter call us looking for Blue nose pit bulls known as the American bully. We are elated that you have decided to visit us and purchase your fist American Bully puppy. We specialize in the standard bullies and pocket size bullies which lead us to the path of being one of the leading  American Bully breeders in the world. Since 1995, we have dedicated our kennel to producing the absolute best bully style Pit bull and American Bully.  Located in Ohio, USA, our kennel take pride in breeding healthy, American bullies that best represent the standard of the breed. Our dogs possess big heads, incredible structure and heavy bone mass. Intelligence and companionship are also qualities that we breed for. Our aim is to provide you with the very best that the bully breed have to offer. We pride ourselves on it!

We’ll Provide You With The Best American Bully Puppies!!

 Puppy Purchase And Stud Service Info!

When you purchase a American bully, Pit bull pup or do a studding with us, be assured that you are getting the very best.  We also feature some of the finest American Pitbull Terrier bloodlines available. Puppies are available in a vAmerican bully red noseariety colors including blue nose pit bull, red nose pit bulls and brindles.We are associated with Razors Edge bloodlines,Daxline bloodline and Gottiline bully bloodlines (aka Gottyline), Greyline, ABKC(American Bully Kennel Club), IBKC (Inetrnational Bully Kennel Club), Bbcr American Bully ( Bully Breed Coalition Registry), Daxline bullies Ohio, Razors Edge bullies , Remyline pit bulls. 

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Makaveli Pits an American Bully breeder who offers American Bully puppies for sale and Bully style Pit bull puppies for sale. Please check back regularly to see our current bully pups for sale and upcoming breedings. Interested in Stud Service? Makaveli Pits has a large variety of American Bullies and  Bully Style Pit bull studs to choose from. Contact us to discuss a breeding. We’re an American Bully breeder located in Ohio with American Bully puppies for sale, we regularly ship out our dogs around the country and world in locations like, Michigan, Kentucky, Alabama, Pennsylvania, California, New York and West Virginia. We can make special arrangements to ship our American Bullies, if you live outside of the USA in countries like China, Russia, India, Africa, France, Australia.


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